Movies that Matter on tour: Photophobia

Deeply touching fiction-documentary...

On a cold February morning, 12-year-old Niki and his family arrive at the Kharkiv metro station to take shelter from the terrifying war raging outside. For Niki’s family, daylight is synonymous with mortal danger, and the boy is not allowed to leave the station premises, living under the constant glow of their neon lights. While aimlessly wandering around the abandoned cars and full platforms, Niki meets Vika (11), and a new world opens up to him. As their bond strengthens, the children find the courage once again to feel the sun on their faces.

Slovakian filmmaker duo Ivan Ostrochovský and Pavol Pekarčík choose the path of hope rather than despondency to depict the tragedy of war: a nice man sings lyrics about love, while two children look towards the sky and their future.

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